final keyword

Use of final keyword:
A data member of class can be declared as final

  •  final data member should be initialize any of three place
    1.  At a time of declaration
    2. Using respective block.
    3.  Using constructor
  •  We can not re-assign value of final data member
Use of final keyword in java:
package keyword;

public class Finalkeyword
    final int a=10;//initialize at the time of declaration
    final int b;
    final int c;

    //non static block
        c=13;//initializing final value in non static block

   // Constructor
         b=12;//initializing in constructor

public static void main(String[] args)

   Finalkeyword f=new Finalkeyword();

   // f.a=15;//error because final value can not re-assign

   System.out.println("a value : "+f.a);
   System.out.println("b value : "+f.b);
   System.out.println("c value : "+f.c);




a value : 10
b value : 12
c value : 13

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