Creating your first ODI project

Now in this tutorial we are going to create a ODI Project. Here you need to create a project named HandsOnLoads with a folder named HandsOn.

You have to import knowledge modules for working with three sources (Hypersonic SQL, XML, and File) and one target (Oracle).

Note: Must  do this exercise(odi project).

Step1: Create a project, named HandsOnLoads, with a folder name called HandsOn.

  • In Designer Navigator select Projects tab, click the New Project  icon, and then select New Project.

  • Enter the name of the project: HandsOnLoads. The code is automatically generated.

  • Click the Save button to create the project. The project appears in the tree view. Expand the HandsOnLoads project node.

  • ODI creates a folder called FirstFolder. Double-click this folder. In the editing window that appears, edit the folder in the Name field, HandsOn. Click the Save button.


Step 2: Import the knowledge modules required for working with the following technologies:

  •  Sources : Hypersonic SQL,  XML, File
  •  Targets:  Oracle
  1. Select the HandsOnLoads project node. Right-click, and then select Import > Import Knowledge Modules.
  2. The Import Knowledge Modules window appears. Click the button
  3. Navigate to C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_ODI1\oracledi\xml-reference,and then click Open. A list of knowledge modules appears.
  4. Select the following knowledge modules that are used in this project. Use the Ctrl key
    for multiple selection and then click OK. In the screen that is  below, click Close to close the window.

    • CKM HSQL
    • CKM Oracle
    •  IKM Oracle Incremental Update
    •  IKM SQL Control Append
    • LKM File to SQL
    •  LKM SQL to Oracle
  5. Review Import Report, and then click on to close it.
  6. Check the imported knowledge modules by expanding corresponding nodes under
    HandsOnLoads > Knowledge Modules, as shown here:

Close the HandsOnLoads and HandsOn tabs.

Hope you find easy while implementing……

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