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Data Scientist’s Toolbox Quiz 1

This is Quiz 1 from the Data Scientist’s toolbox course within the Data Science Specialization. This publication is intended as a learning resource, all answers are documented and explained.


1. Which of the following are courses in the Data Science Specialization? Select all that apply.


  • Getting and Cleaning Data
  • Developing Data Products
  • R programming

2. Why are we using R for the course track? Select all that apply.


  • R is free.
  • R has a large number of add on packages that are useful for data analysis.
  • R has a nice IDE, Rstudio.


3. What are good ways to find answers to questions in this course track? Select all that apply.


  • Searching Google.
  • Posting to the course discussion forum.
  • Searching Stackoverflow

4. What are characteristics of good questions on the message boards? Select all that apply.


  • Is very specific.
  • Is polite and courteous.
  • Explicitly lists versions of software being used.
  • Describes the goal of the analysis.
  • Provides the minimum amount of information necessary to communicate the problem.


5. Which of the following packages provides machine learning functionality? Select all that apply


  • kernlab
  • pamr
  • rpart

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