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How to upload rpd in OBIEE

OBIEE: How to upload rpd in obiee

Hence we have done all the development work in the RPD now it’s time to upload the repository on the server and start creating reports, dashboard and more.

Steps to upload RPD in OBIEE

  • Open the command prompt, type cd /u01/app/Middleware/Oracle_Home/user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin and click enter.
  • Run the data-model-cmd.cmd utility with the uploadrpd parameters:
  • uploadrpd -I /path of rpd/BISAMPLEREPO.rpd -SI ssi -U weblogic
  • Enter the RPD password (here Admin123)
  • Enter service instance : ssi
How to upload rpd in obiee
How to upload rpd in obiee
  • If the operation completes successfully, you will see the message: “Operation Successful. RPD upload completed successfully”.

Parameter Details
  • I specifies name of the repository
  • W specifies the repository’s password(optional)
  • U specifies a valid user’s name to be used for Oracle BI EE authentication
  • P specifies the password corresponding to the user’s name that you specified for U(optional)
  • SI specifies the name of the service instance

Testing the uploaded RPD

  • Open a browser enter the following URL to navigate to Oracle Business Intelligence : http://<machine name>:9502/analytics
  • Use the administrative user name and password provided during the Oracle BI installation

How to upload rpd in obiee

  • Select “Reload Server Metadata” using Administrator link.
  • In the left navigation pane, under Create… –>Analysis and Interactive Reporting, select Analysis.

How to upload rpd in obiee

  • Select the Supermarket subject area.

  • In the left navigation pane, expand the folders in the Supermarket subject area and confirm all tables and columns are visible

  • Double-click the column names in the Subject Areas pane to add them to the analysis.

  • Click Results.
  • The analysis results are displayed in a compound layout, which includes a Title view and a Table view.
  • Save Analysis.

  • In the Analysis add the following to the prefix box on the Advance tab Set Variable LOGLEVEL=3;
  • Click on Result and save analysis.

In next tutorial you will learn how to inspect the query log. LOGLEVEL is used for inspection purpose.

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