Oracle Business Intelligence Application – Overview and Components

What is OBIA(Oracle Business Intelligence Application) ?

Oracle Business Intelligence Application is a suite of prebuilt business intelligence solutions that deliver role-based intelligence.

Offerings of Oracle Business Intelligence Application

  • A prebuilt data warehouse schema, the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse, with associated extract, transform, and load (ETL) metadata and data-movement infrastructure to support aggregation and transformation for the analysis of data from all transactional sources.
  • A pre-built Oracle BI Applications metadata repository to support analysis of the data in the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse.
  • A suite of metrics pertaining to how organizations measure performance that your company can select from and apply to your particular line of business.
  • Application and industry-specific, role-based analytics and dashboards that are organized to maximize both industry and domain knowledge, as well as leveraging an understanding of the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse and its underlying source transactional schemas for historical analysis.


Components of Oracle Business Intelligence Application (

Components of Oracle Business Intelligence Application

  • Source Systems

    Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle E-Business Suite Applications, Oracle’s Siebel Applications, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Applications, Oracle’s JD Edwards Applications, and non-Oracle systems.

  • OBIEE(Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition)

    OBIEE is having Prebuilt dashboards, reports, graphs, scorecards, metrics and analyses. Prebuilt BI Application content (RPD and web catalog).

  • OBAW(Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse)
    • A universal data warehouse design that enables you to integrate data from different source systems.
    • Multiple instance support that enables you to use one data warehouse deployment for multiple source system instances.
    • Conformed dimensions that enables you to view the data from different subject areas.
    • Supports multiple currencies and languages.


  • OBIACM & FSM(Oracle BI Application Configuration Manager & Function Setup Manager)
    • BIACM is Web application deployed into WLS(Web logic server), Allows users to perform System Setups, Functional Setups , Setup Maintenance and Administration, Load Plan Management and ETL Administration.
    • FSM is a centralized (Thin client/web application) Console that Minimize manual Setups and Configurations, and Generate list of necessary configurations based on BI Application being    configured and user selections. Provide check lists and validations of all necessary tasks.

  • Oracle Data Integrator(ODI)
    • Contains extract and load mappings divided into SDEs, SILOS and PLPs
    • Supports incremental aggregate loads. No truncate and full Aggregate loads.
    • Separate SCD and Unspecified mappings are not required as it is now handled by KMs.
    • Components in ODI : ODI Java EE Agent, ODI Console, ODI Studio Desktop Client, Load Plan Generator (LPG).


  • Oracle Golden gate
    • Replication of data in heterogeneous data environments.
    • Enables high availability solutions, real-time data integration, transactional change data capture, data replication, transformations, and verification between operational and analytical enterprise systems.
    • A service that can be deployed on both Source and Target databases for continuous asynchronous change data capture in real-time.

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