python *args and **kwargs variable

PYTHON Tutorial

This Python tutorial will help you to start learning from basic.

python tutorialGuido van Rossum, a Dutch programmer who created Python.

First of all why to learn Python:

  • Python is simple and easy to learn like English language.
  • Free and Open Source and large community support.
  • A short learning curve to begin writing anything.

Mainly Python is used in Scripting(web development), Data Science, Machine Learning etc.

Click on below link one by one to learn the python language.

Introduction to Python

It covers the topics such as introduction to Python, Features, Python 2.X vs Python 3.X, Installation, Environment setup and writing your first python script.


Python Tutorial : Operators and Expression

It covers Python operators such as Arithmetic operators
Relational operators
Logical (Boolean) operators
Assignment operators
Bit-wise operators
Special operators: Membership and Identity operators.


Python Tutorial : Variable and Data Types

Learn about variables and its types in python. Python has various data types like Number, String, List, Tuple, Dictionary and Sets. Learn with examples.


Python Tutorial : Loop Statement

Learn about Python loop statements: While, For and Nested loops and loop control statements: Break, Continue and Pass.


Conditional Statement in Python

In this tutorial you will learn about the conditional statements (like If Statement, If-else Statement, Nested if-else) in Python, explained with the help of basic programs.


Function in Python

Learn about Python Function: Defining, Calling a function in Python. Return statement and Scope of the variable.


Built-in Functions in Python

This tutorial will give you a reference of Built-in Functions in Python and their use.


Python Tutorial : File Handling

Read about reading keyboard input in python, File handling (Opening, closing, reading and writing data in file) and File handling method of Python OS module.

Python Tutorial : *args and *kwargs variable

With the help of Python *args and **kwargs Variable, you can pass variable(multiple) number of  argument to a function. Learn different uses of *args and **kwargs variable